Washington Co. rally to save small business. Tues. 9am.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Rally to save small business
9:00am Tues. Nov. 2nd
Outside steps of Charles D. Cameron Public Services Building
155 N.First Ave, Hillsboro,
* Rally is being put on by local small businesses.

Small business owners are rallying to stop the devastating flavor ban by Washington County.   If the County bans flavored vaping (representing most products on the shelf) scores of small mom-and-pop family businesses will be closed, numerous people will lose their family wage jobs.   The law goes into effect in 30 days, so ordinary citizens who spent years and their life savings building a small businesses will now have their careers and dreams destroyed in just 30 days.

Taxes on vaping products already went up 65% this year to pay for health programs and prevention.

The rally is a grassroots gathering of local small businesses.  Please support them in time of need.

Below is a recent article we published on the subject:


Washington Co. sneaks business ban during pandemic

Washington County has become hostile to small businesses struggling in a pandemic.

Washington County has been experiencing the worst economic crisis in 90 years due to the historic pandemic. During this time Washington County has been working not to save small businesses but to raise their taxes and new regulations that crush small businesses.

Last year, Washington Commissioners backed a failed $5 billion business tax to pay for a super-expensive train to a luxury shopping mall (Measure 26-218).

That tax was rejected by voters by nearly 60%.

Now this fall, the same Washington Co. politicians are on a mission to become one of the only places in America to ban flavors related to vaping. Many local small shops that spent years building their businesses will immediately have to close their doors, lay off employees and declare bankruptcy. Flavored vaping is most of what shops sell. Apparently, Washington County wants more homeless people on our streets because when you force people out of a job with business killing regulations you create more poverty.

Most people opposes the ban at a recent hearing as Hillsboro News Times reports;

“a majority of speakers opposing the ordinance.”

Right now, local small businesses are still under Covid mandates, depressed customer turn-out and a supply chain holiday season crisis and yet the County is obsessed with passing more regulations to make life worse for local mom and pop stores.

Just this summer OPB reported how this economic crisis has disproportionately impacted minority communities.

“A new report concludes that people of color, low-wage earners and women were more likely to suffer job losses as the pandemic forced businesses to limit operations.”

These communities will suffer the most when Washington County passes laws that shuts businesses down.

There is even great controversy from within the County Board members as Commissioner Wiley was mentioned in KOIN-TV-6

“We should be able to find something that works for everybody. This is a bad idea. A ban is not going to accomplish what I think Commissioner Fai started out. I don’t think it’s going to accomplish what her focus was, and it’s certainly not going to focus what we as a county would like it to.”

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has been educating taxpayers and working against high taxes and harmful government red tape for over 20 years. We find that Washington County’s purposely closing businesses during a pandemic is among the worst and clueless ideas we have seen in a long time.

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