EV cars freeze around county (seeking Oregon examples)

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Reports around the country of Electric Vehicles (EV) and their battaries/charging stations freezing.

Chicago reported charging stations freezing out which means vehicles are unable to be recharged even though they reached the charging station.  Could you imagine gas cars lining up to a failed gas station?

CNN reports,“… EV driving range dropped by about 25% in highway cruising, on average, in sub-freezing weather, compared to days with warmer outside temperatures.”

The Hill reports, “A 2019 study of five EVs by AAA found that cold temperatures can temporarily reduce EV range by more than 40% when drivers use interior heaters, according to the Associated Press. Specifically, the AAA study found that EV ranges fell by 41% when the cars’ heaters were used in 20-degree weather, but only 12% when the interior heater was off.”

This is important since Oregon has spending over $100 million of tax dollars building charging stations and nearly another $100 million subsidizing electric vehicles.

Do you have an example of a EV or charging station freeze in Oregon?

If so, please share. Call or email us below, we are seeking stories, photos and examples for a future article.

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