DeSpain launches to expand Fed investigation

Monique DeSpain for Congress Campaign
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Oregon Fourth Congressional District Candidate Monique DeSpain held a press conference to ask what Congresswoman Val Hoyle is hiding from the public in the La Mota Scandal and to request that U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon Natalie K. Wight expand the current investigation by her office into La Mota and the resigned ex-Secretary of State Shemia Fagan be expanded to include Hoyle.

“Today, I unveiled a detailed reporting of Val Hoyle’s corruption and my call to the US Attorney for the District of Oregon to investigate her immediately,” said Monique DeSpain. “I contend that Congresswoman Val Hoyle has disqualified herself from further public service in Congress as our representative because she has demonstrated a pattern of corruption, obstruction, and deceit for at least the past three years.”

“Citizens of the 4th congressional district, including myself, are greatly concerned about the numerous news reports indicating connections between Congresswoman Val Hoyle, La Mota, and Shemia Fagan, the subject of a current investigation,” DeSpain added. “It is obvious La Mota’s corrupt tentacles extend far beyond former Secretary of State Shemia Fagan. No one should be above the law — any and all illegality involving La Mota and ENDVR must be rooted out before Oregonians’ trust in their government can be restored.”

“To this end, I have sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, Natalie K. Wight, to urge her to expand the scope of USDOJ’s investigation into Fagan and La Mota or launch an independent investigation on similar grounds into Congresswoman Hoyle and her role in the award of a taxpayer grant to the La Mota-linked non-profit named ENDVR.”

“There have been countless news articles over the past year and a half covering Congresswoman Val Hoyle’s deceit, corruption, and blatant stonewalling, but now voters can go to to view a comprehensive timeline of her corruption and sign a petition calling for the US Department of Justice to formally investigate her role in the scandal.”

— Monique DeSpain is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, mother of twin boys, and public policy advocate who resides in Eugene, Oregon. She is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District in a bid to unseat incumbent Congresswoman Val Hoyle in 2024 and bring about a safer, more prosperous Oregon. Her campaign website is