Hillsboro baseball: $38M in tax $$ for upgrade

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Again the Hillsboro Hops baseball team is asking the State Legislature, this February for an immediate $20 million (on top of $18 million already from lodging taxes) or it will be forced to leave Oregon.

National league baseball standards demand the Hillsboro team update their ballpark which will cost $120 million in total.  We previously reported, “The team has $80 million in private funding pledges, $18 million in lodging tax revenue, but still short of their goal.They tried but failed to get the Legislature to award $20 million in funding.This comes at a time when their current stadium is only hosting 1,800 fans per  game. That is one of the worst seasons ever for attendance.Should taxpayers fork up $38 million in tax dollars to subsidize 1,800 fans?”