Justin Hwang’s personal endorsement of Trump

By Justin Hwang,

As the Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, I am prevented by our bylaws from endorsing a candidate in any contested Republican race until after the primary. While I acknowledge and respect the authority of those bylaws, I also firmly believe in the fundamental American right to individual free speech. Therefore, I, Justin Hwang, as an Oregonian and small business owner, am today exercising my First Amendment right to freely express my personal, unwavering, and enthusiastic support for former President Donald J. Trump in his bid for reelection.

In close consultation with the Oregon Republican Party’s dedicated legal team, as well as the Central and Executive Committees, I plan to explore revisions to our bylaws that will respect and protect the principle of free speech for every member of our organization.

This endorsement is not just a formality—it is a call to action. I invite and encourage all Republicans, all conservatives, and all like-minded citizens who are concerned about the deterioration of our country under the current administration, to join me in this endorsement.

Together, let’s support a leader who shares our values and vision of what America can be. We need a leader who will lead us toward a future of peace, prosperity, and security for this great nation. Let’s stand together, united in our effort to see Donald J. Trump triumphantly return to the presidency of these United States.