Media: More privacy for criminals, less for business

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Media outlets like The Oregonian have been giving a gift to criminals by increasing their privacy as part of a clean slate program.

— They have stopped using mug shots in many cases.

— They have removed older crime articles to help protect the released criminal for when they go to get a job.

At the same time, other media outlets like Oregon Public Broadcasting have been trying to strip away privacy for business as in the case for demanding private tax data of local Portland businesses that are required to pay the City Clean Energy tax.   This data is personal financial information for these companies and would be harmful for their operations and competition.

Interestingly, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s fellow affiliate in Nevada (RENO PBS) was part of a court case trying to block the release of their financial information from a recent California government law.

The more businesses get preyed upon, the more they will leave hostile areas like Portland, just as REI and Wal-Mart have closed their last Portland stores.

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