REI map lays bare Portland’s business kill zone

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Despite 20 years at the location and despite being a favorite Portland brand, REI in downtown Portland is closing its location on February 1st.

As the map shows, REi can survive anywhere but inside Portland.

There are three thriving REI stores on the border of Portland, just not inside Portland.

A single block into Portland Multnomah County means more crime, less police, higher taxes and less services.

On Black Friday in 2022 thieves rammed Portland’s REI front door with a vehicle as a battering ram.

REI stated why they were leaving Portland, “The safety of our employees, members and customers is always our number one priority. In recent years, Portland has been dealing with increased crime in our neighborhood and beyond. Last year, REI Portland had its highest number of break-ins and thefts in two decades, despite actions to provide extra security.” 

Wal-Mart closed all their Portland locations recently.

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