Lars Larson: Clackamas shows not all Gov’t wastes your $$

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Imagine a single Northwest county finding a way to save a million bucks a year for taxpayers  and hire better workers.

It happened last week, as Clackamas County took the bold step of killing its Diversity Equity and Inclusion department.

That saved almost a million.  It also freed the County to hire people based on their skills and abilities rather than skin color and sexuality.

Commissioner Ben West led the charge to eliminate this illegal nonsense.  It’s a bit ironic because Ben is a gay man.  He says it was harder to “come out” as conservative.

I’m a small employer and I have always hired my producers based on what’s between their ears and not what’s between their legs.  I do it that way because I get the best people.  Even if I didn’t WANT to do it that way…Federal, state and local laws…not to mention the U.S. and State Constitutions demand it.

Every other government in the Northwest could follow Clackamas County’s lead…save money…and reward skill and talent by hiring the best.

Or they could keep going “woke” the way we’ve seen a number of major private companies go.

We all know how that ends.