Lars Larson: Is Kotek high? … judging by drug death records

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

Ever had a friend with major problems who talked endlessly about solving them…and then always refused to do the one thing that would actually fix ‘em?

A thousand people died of Fentanyl overdose in Governor Tina Kotek’s first year in office, almost four times the deaths 5 years ago.

That’s a problem. And it’s getting worse.

We’re on track to see last year’s record broken with a 30% increase THIS year.

The problem is Measure 110, passed by voters, it legalized deadly street drugs, and the body bags piled up.

Kotek refuses to demand the legislature reverse that mistake because that would actually fix the problem. Measure 110 directed police to write tickets and offer treatment if addicts made a simple phone call.

Cops wrote 6 thousand tickets. Only 500 addicts made the call and only 50 of them took the help. That’s 50 against the state’s nearly 400-thousand drug addicts.

Today, Governor Kotek plans one of those press conference dog and pony shows where she will announce a 90-day Fentanyl emergency. She and other elected officials will clutch their pearls, wringing their hands in anguish over the overdoses.

Tonight’s TV news will display the Governor’s distress but it won’t change the situation one bit.

Instead, addicts will keep dying. Drug cartels will keep making millions. And non profits will get 100s of millions of your tax dollars for NOT fixing the problem.