SB 1583 blocks both parents & school boards

By Oregon State Representative Ed Diehl,


There are a number of concerning bills this session, but this bill may be the worst I have seen so far. SB1583 is a direct attack on local control of our schools, on the rights of parents, and on the dignity of children.

Senate Bill 1583 dramatically curtails the rights of local school boards to control the curriculum in schools. It limits local control of textbooks and other instructional materials. The bill is thinly disguised as protecting against discrimination. But the intent is clear – to prevent local school boards from removing ideologically driven content that could harm our kids. They are doing this because all across Oregon, communities are pushing back against this agenda that goes against their values and common sense.

Local school boards in Oregon are successfully fighting back against the inclusion of material that promotes dangerous and unproven sex trait modification procedures on children, and sexually explicit content. This includes material that is anti-science and goes against our most fundamental understanding of biology and human nature. This bill could block a school board, which operates on behalf of their local community, from having a say in this content.

Parents are pulling their kids out of Oregon schools by the thousands – passing this bill will only increase that trend.

Parents and local communities have the fundamental right to direct how their schools are run. But the proponents of SB1583 think they know better than the local communities, and intend to push their progressive, ideologically driven, anti-science agenda on all Oregon schools.
In addition, the bill opens school boards up to spurious lawsuits. For example, a board may choose not to utilize a textbook because of sexually explicit material, only to be accused of discrimination based on other grounds.

I urge you to speak out strongly against SB1583. Local control of our public schools is critical, and parents have the fundamental right to direct the care and upbringing of their children. The public hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 13th at 3 pm.

This bill was introduced at the last minute by the Democrat majority. No Republican involvement and no Oregon School Board Association involvement – no attempt at common ground.

We Need Your Voice!

The public hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 13th at 3 pm.

You can read the bill, register to testify virtually or in person, and/or submit written testimony here: