Rushed hearing Feb 13 — Statewide Property Tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Right before this weekend, lawmakers announced a rushed public hearing for this Tuesday (Feb 13th) for their Statewide Property Tax Hearing (HJR 201).

The rushed public hearing announcement:

House Rules Committee
HJR 201 (Statewide property tax)
Tuesday, Feb 13th, 1:00PM
Hearing Room D, State Capitol, Salem
More details.

HJR 201 would:

• We can’t afford it!  Oregonians already pay higher taxes than most states.
• Removes current local control over property taxes from Counties/Cities by allowing new statewide property tax scheme without limits.
• This would allow Portland politicians to raise property taxes on rural Oregonians for their reckless spending.
• Removes current Constitutional limits on property tax rates (Measure 5) and assessment rates (Measure 50) with sneaky exceptions.
• Risk throwing seniors, the disabled and other limited income Oregonians out of their homes as property taxes become limitless.
• HJR 201 would be a referral to voters, because that is the only way politicians can remove/tinker with current Constitutional property tax limits that protect home owners.


#1 You can submit your testimony against HJR 201 online here.  Follow that link to submit to the House Rules Committee your testimony against HJR 201 and why you think it is a bad idea.  Please submit your testimony before or by Tuesday February 13th when the hearing is scheduled.  Share your thoughts why a statewide property tax is a bad idea.

#2. Call or email the 7 members of the House Rules Committee below.   HJR 201 is in this Committee and we must stop it in the Committee to keep this bill from going to a full House floor vote.  Please share with Committee members why a a statewide property tax increase is a bad idea and how higher property taxes impact you, your family, your local business community and people you know.   When you call be courteous.

*** Always be polite, respectful and kind when you call  ***


Representative Julie Fahey (Dem -#14)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1414
Email: [email protected]

Representative Jeff Helfrich​ (Rep. #52)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1452
Email: [email protected]

Representative Jason Kropf (Dem. #54)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1454
Email: [email protected]

Representative Rob Nosse (Dem. #42)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1442
Email: [email protected]

Representative Anna Scharf (Rep. #23)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1423
Email: [email protected]

Representative Andrea Valderrama (Dem. #47)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1447
Email: Rep.AndreaValderrama​

Representative Kim Wallan (Rep. #6)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1406
Email: [email protected]

HJR 201 reads, “Proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution requiring the Legislative Assembly to create an administrative authority for funding public safety in this state. Directs the Legislative Assembly to impose a state property tax to fund public safety in this state. Allows the Legislative Assembly to delegate to the administrative authority the authority to implement the tax. Provides that the tax would not be subject to Article XI, section 11, of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure 50) (1997), or Article XI, section 11b, of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure 5) (1990). Refers the proposed amendment to the people for their approval or rejection at the next regular general election”


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