People share: Sky-high property taxes are devastating, painful

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon once asked our supporters to share on how higher property taxes would impact them.

Because politicians are trying to rush a Statewide Property Tax increase (HJR 201) you and I must listen to their stories:

“I am 87 years old, partially blind and I live on Social Security. A property tax increase is the last thing I need. Have a heart, for God’s sake.”
Richard B.
NE Portland

“I’m an unemployed single father of many children. I’m currently struggling to meet monthly family expenses. We have to keep the heat at 62 degrees in the home to avoid high utility bills. An increase in property tax would be disastrous.”
Martin W.
Independence, Oregon

“Taxing me more takes away from my ability to meet my financial obligations when I’m now trying to pay for medical costs for my wife’s cancer. “
Mike H.

“We the people can’t pay our tax bills now, due to heavy taxation in all directions. At least leave our homes alone that we’ve worked so hard to keep as our very own! The retired & elderly would lose their homes and I am one of those elderly.”
Elaine D.,
Grants Pass

I’ve seen increases in everything, food, prescriptions, gas has doubled, property taxes, etc! My pension stays the same and every year its gets tougher to make ends meet and our Legislature wants to raise our property taxes — the politicians are robbing us and they do not even have a gun!”
Erich B,

**** Don’t stand by while politicians rush out HJR 201 and create a new statewide property tax scheme. Go here to contact your lawmaker ASAP to stop HJR 201. ***



The fact that HJR 201 is being rushed means politicians are trying to silence your voice.  Speak up now.

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Photo:file, unsplash