Please attend Feb 13 hearing – Statewide Property Tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Because of a late public notice on Friday, many Oregonians are just now waking up this Monday morning to discover that an extremely financially destructive statewide property tax hearing ( HJR 201) has been hastily scheduled for Tuesday at 1:00 in the State Capitol.

It is a lot to ask for people to take their time to go to Salem, but they must do it.  Few things throws seniors out of their homes faster than no-limit property tax increases as HJR 201 does.  As Mike from Clackamas once shared with us,

“Taxing me more takes away from my ability to meet my financial obligations when I’m now trying to pay for medical costs for my wife’s cancer. “
Mike H.

Oregonians need to rally around to help the vulnerable around us to stop this Statewide property tax.

Furthermore, HJR 201 subverts local control of our property taxes, by taking decisions traditionally made by cities and counties, and opening the door wide open to State Lawmakers to jack-up property taxes whenever they wish— with few limits.

House Rules Committee
HJR 201 (Statewide property tax)
Tuesday, Feb 13th, 1:00PM
Hearing Room D, State Capitol, Salem
More details.

*** Please attend in person if you can — it matters so much (More on HJR 201)

*** If you cannot attend in person, please submit and online testimony or contact the members of the committee (Learn how here)

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