1,270 testify against Statewide Property Tax (HJR 201)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Over 1,287 Oregonians submitted testimony online, or in person, for the (rushed) hearing on HJR 201 the Statewide Property Tax bill for the Rules Committee hearing in the State Capitol.  That is 1,287 testimonies against the tax scheme.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the people that responded to our articles and email blast.   We saw in real time the number of testimonies online explode after our outreach.

Remember, they rushed this hearing with short notice during a short 1-month Session — which prevents people like you from participating or knowing what is going on.   You were not fooled.

You stepped up and spoke your mind when others couldn’t.

Here are some heroic and beautiful statements people made on HJR 201:

“My children also pay property taxes, and if I wasn’t able to help them, they would be homeless.”
— William M.

“I am a 71 year old widow. I can not afford my property tax to go up. My electricity, water, garbage, insurance for my house have all went up. I am on a fixed income I can barely afford food
— Marsha Ferry

“Oregon government needs to reduce its appetite for taxes, and start paying attention to results
— Mark Booth

“Our state already has folks leaving in droves because of the failed policies of the past 30+ years …If you want to do something about our state budget, do a real audit and you will find where all the wasted money is.”
— Victoria McCurry

I am a disable Veteran, Agent Orange victim and my wife is receiving disability for a long term illness. We are barely able to meet our current obligations.  We are now at the point to pay for any additional taxes we will have to cut back on the basic, food, heat and electricity, plus the fuel needed to travel 100 mile round trip to many of our medical appointments. This new proposed property tax would put us in a very difficult financial spot”.
— Steve B.


Thank you again.

It means so much to me and to those who cannot defend themselves that you spoke up.

P.S. The battle is NOT OVER.  Since the bill has had a hearing, it can be fast tracked for quick vote if politicians wish to move it.  The fact that this tax bill could net politicians an extra billion dollars in tax cash, don’t expect the politicians to quickly dismiss such a hefty prize (and at such a human price of tax misery if passed).   Please call the members of the House Rules Committee and tell them to VOTE NO on HJR 201 — Follow this link on who to call.


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