Portland among highest “single’s tax” places

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

New data from StreetEasy/Zillow show the cost of living alone verses cohabitating. The data shows that those who live in a one-bedroom as a couple end up saving $14,220 more than those single renters who live alone each year. Single renters end up paying an additional $7,110 annually.

KOIN-TV looked through the data and found that Portland ranked 16th. “Portland was ranked as the 16th city in the nation for its singles tax. People who live alone in the Rose City spend an additional $7,670 every year while cohabiting renters save $15,341, according to the report.”

Portland is an expensive place to live because of our high cost of living (most liberal states have high cost of living).  Portland and Oregon also have harsh rent control laws that were meant to reduce rent but ended up causing rent to increase.

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