Once again, liberal states top highest cost of living

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center records that Oregon and other liberal states are all in the top 10 highest cost of living states.

You can thank high taxes, high fees and lots of red tape regulations.

Every time liberals pass a massive tax on businesses they say “they need to pay their fair share” or “they’re rich, they can afford it”.  Well, now everyone can see that businesses (especially those industries with slim profit margins like groceries, furniture stores, travel and restaurants) pass on the costs to the consumer.   When big taxes hurt one of us in the community it hurts us all.

No wonder people are leaving liberal states.


Did we mention they want to raise the cost of living higher with more taxes?

* Politicians push for tolling of our roads.

* Lawmakers consider (second) cell-phone tax

* Lawmaker float 31% income tax increase.

* Oregon Center for Public Policy wants to increase the Capital Gains Tax.

* It already costs nearly $100,000 in fees, permit costs and other over-costs just to start building a home.

It never stops.

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