Risky move: Oregonian blocks more content

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The State’s leading media outlet, The Oregonian, has been moving more and more articles behind their paywall for subscribers.  As the February 18 screenshot shows that nearly all of their premier front page articles were for subscribers only.

The Oregonian/Oregonlive are navigating a terrible storm nationally:

• In 2023, over 20,000 media jobs were slashed nationwide.
• Just last month alone saw 600 journalists laid off.
• LA Times cut 20% of their workforce
• Washington Post last fall laid of 240.

The New Yorker went all out and wrote this article: Is the media prepared for an extinction level event? (we hope not).

There is a massive advertising pullback and media companies, tech companies and other online sites are feeling the pain.

For the record, we may criticize The Oregonian a lot, but we are both print/digital subscribers and value the unique service they provide.  It is beneficial for taxpayers to have a flourishing media market in Oregon.

Becoming a more subscription model is a tough road.  Many media outlets have tried and failed.  The Wall Street Journal has succeeded.

Sadly, for The Oregonian to buck the advertising slump, they need more local prosperous businesses with lots of investment cash to spend on growth.   Local favorite, Columbia Sportswear, has been funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars not on advertising but on projects to clean up the City.  The once iconic NIKE super store in North Portland is not advertising because they had to close to due to rampant crime.  Local NW-grown Bi-Mart pharmacy cannot advertise because Oregon’s CAT tax put them out of business.   REI, Walmart and Starbucks closed stores due to crime.

In a way, Oregon’s liberal extremism is sinking our media voices in Oregon.

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