Gov. Brown: 5 major mishaps in one week

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Most of Governor Brown’s mistakes and errors during this outbreak have seemed to pile into a just passed seven day period.

We wish her success but the past week’s mistakes have been alarming — including some noted nationally.

1. Gov. Brown caught lying on virus test kits

2. Fox News on Oregon ventilator surplus flop

3. Gov. Brown’s Charter School Fail makes national news

4. Media asks ‘Where’s our Governor?’

5. Governor, Legislature fails to meet

We appreciate and recognize many of the Governor’s early measures to fight the coronavirus, but what we see right now is a compounding collection of mistakes (4/3 to 4/9) that risks handicapping the efforts to help.  Better to address this now so Governor Brown can identify and fix what is ailing her efforts than to risk ignoring it and make it worse.

Here are some helpful positive, good natured, pro-active solutions:

We encourage the Governor to reach out to Oregon’s lawmakers and business leaders for greater help.

We encourage the Governor to reverse her March 10th Carbon Tax Executive Order and dedicate those newly created employees and funds to immediate assistance in helping other agencies deal with the crush stemming from the demand from the virus and economic shutdown.

We encourage the Governor to be as transparent and accessible as feasibly possible.


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