Sen. Brock Smith: Transit bill passes Senate (SB 1553)

Expanding Public Safety for Public Transit
By Senator David Brock Smith

SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Senate passed Senate Bill 1553 earlier today during a Senate floor session. SB 1553 will expand the existing crime of Interfering with Public Transportation to include drug use on public transit.

“Our residents and their children deserve to be safe and away from the harm of drug users in all public places, including while using our public transportation systems,” said Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford).

SB 1553 is Chief Sponsored by Senators Lieber, Gorsek, Knopp, Linthicum, Manning Jr, Brock Smith, and Thatcher. It will have violations be a drug-designated Class A misdemeanor, which will give law enforcement the tool they need to protect the health, life, and safety of our residents and assist in providing needed treatment and services for addiction.

“As we continue the discussion of the critical need for repeal/reform of Measure 110, the bipartisan passage of SB 1553 is a perfect example of why we must recriminalize illicit drug use across the board. If recriminalization is good enough for public transit, it is good enough for public sidewalks and parks,” concluded Senator Brock Smith.


Senator David Brock Smith represents Senate District 1, which includes Curry, Coos, and Douglas Counties. This press release and an archive of previous press releases issued by Senator David Brock Smith’s office are available on the web at: