Rep. Helfrich on M110 amendment (HB 4002)

House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich Statement on HB4002 Amendment

By Oregon State Representative Jeff Helfrich,

SALEM, Ore. – In response to the recently proposed amendment to HB4002, House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich (R-Hood River) offered the following statement.

“House Republicans stand today where we’ve always stood: On the side of Oregonians who want to end Measure 110. As of today, the proposal before the legislature is far from a perfect solution, but that is unsurprising given that the majority party is beholden to radical pro-drug special interest groups. We need a solution that works for Oregonians, and much can be done to strengthen this proposal with the time remaining in this session. We hope that our Democrat colleagues will prioritize the demands of the people of Oregon and continue negotiating with us to provide the structural reforms needed to truly solve the Measure 110 crisis.”