Lars Larson: Politicians dodge capital punishment

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

The Northwest Nonsense

Some criminals become such monsters they richly deserve the death penalty.

A sizeable majority of citizens support capital punishment.

That’s true across America and it’s true here in the Pacific Northwest.

But our elite government masters in Oregon and Washington claim they know better than citizens, so they’ve effectively repealed the death penalty, even for the most heinous criminals.

They also refuse to put it to a vote because they know what citizens would do.

The last time liberal California put up a well-funded campaign to repeal the death penalty, voters said no, loudly, at the polls.

At least Idaho has some common sense, even if they’re a bit slow.

Thomas Creech, who killed his first victims a full 50 years ago, gets justice soon.

He’s convicted of 5 murders and claims he killed 50.

Police believe he’s killed in Oregon and Idaho and California and Arizona.

He even killed another inmate with a sock full of batteries.

What do you do with a monster like that?

A majority of Americans believe justice is the loss of his life.

But the government that claims it represents us has denied us that choice.

Go figure!