Pro-drug (M110) rally … crazy protest signs

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The group that supports Measure 110’s effort to decriminalize hard drugs, Unite Oregon, exercised their free speech by protesting outside the State Capitol against House Bill 4002 which rolls back the legalization of hard drugs cocaine, meth, heroin.

The protest signs were quite wild.

One said “I didn’t knock doors for Dems for this sh*t” with a T-shirt that appears to say “Elect hoes”?

Another sign read, “Thank you for investing in white supremacy”.  This reference is towards disproportionality, yet the pro-drug protestors consider disproportionate arrests for hard drugs is worse than disproportionate deaths from hard drugs — a 1,500% overdose death increase overall.

A cardboard sign read “What the f*ck doc,” with a picture of Bugs Bunny.

Another sign read “Protect Measure 110. Care, not jails”

The “care, not jail” sign misses the point.  Tens of millions of tax dollars went to create a rehab phone hotline process.  Only 50 people actually fully used the hotline.  That means only 50 out of 382,000 of Oregon’s estimated drug addicts got help through this extremely expensive hotline.  To fix the costly hotline boondoggle the Oregon Health Authority just spent $2.7 million rebooting the failed drug addiction helpline to better improve service and awareness. Two months later, they report that only 30 people have called the hotline.   That is $90,000 per call.    The government is extending lots of care but addicts are not picking up the phone.

Note: These signs that we featured in this article were showed by Unite Oregon on their own website.

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