Beavers want bailout for Ducks damage

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Willamette Week has a great article about how the Oregon State University is seeking $20 million in new funding to help pay for the damage caused by the University of Oregon Ducks Football leaving (dismantling) the PAC 12 conference.

Oregon State University wants the funds to come from lottery dollars which does fund university projects.  it is odd that the UofO Ducks moved to a new conference to win tens of millions of dollars in new TV royalty revenue, while it financially hurts the Oregon State University which  now require taxpayers to fund the college by tens of millions of dollars.

At the same time, another sports team, the Hillsboro Hops baseball team, is asking lawmakers right now for $20 million in tax cash hand-outs for a luxury upgrade on their venue.  Their park only serves 1,800 fans which means the $20 million bailout (+$18M lodging tax/+$8M city tax) means each Hillsboro baseball fan cost taxpayers $24,000 to subsidize.  (read more).

Other groups vying for funds at the end of Session are art groups.  Under proposed SB 1852, The Ashland Shakespeare Festival is looking to lawmakers for a $2.5 million bailout, despite having $90 million in assets.   The Portland Art Museum is seeking a quarter million bailout, and they need it for their art shows like screening the 2000 horror film Psycho Beach Party last month. (read more)

Also, Governor Kotek is seeking at least $20 million for free rent subsidies for people.

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