Liberal policies hurt migrants … while conservatives help

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Conservatives care about migrants both legal and illegal.

When Afghan refugees came into Oregon and into my neighborhood, I donated thousands to local charities to help them assimilate.  The following year, Ukrainian refugees came and I again donated thousands to local efforts to help.  Now we face a new wave of people from Venezuala, Asia and Africa as detailed in news reports from the open Southern Border.  I am over-whelmed and so are the local services.

An Iraqi-refugee, who helped me with a Middle East charity trip, explained to me that there are Iraqi refuges in my very own neighborhood that he knows who do not learn English, do not engage their community and almost never leave their apartments.   They feel trapped in their home.   Their is not enough translators or volunteers who have the spare time and needed talent to help transition these families.  Giving away free things is not enough — it requires actual human beings doing actual hard things to help make immigrants flourish in their communities.

In the neighborhood, parents have been taking their children out of the local school because they say that the number of students who don’t adequately speak English is over 50%.   At that level, the entire class is dragged down and everyone stops learning — including the migrants.  Parents see that their student is falling behind and then out of desperation pull their child out to attend private school or to just move away.   Maybe this is why Beaverton School District saw the greatest loss of students of any school district in Oregon.

Another case of liberal policies is at the Southern Border.   One of the most fascinating things that I learned when I toured the border with a former U.S. Border Patrol agent was that they are very motivated by saving lives at the border because the journey is so perilous and they witness so many people at the edge of their lives.  Yet, they are being handicapped.  First Biden cuts the number of agents, then Biden diverts hundreds of agents away from the Border to do paperwork processing in the office.  The end result is that more migrants are not being seen or rescued.   That means deaths have increased in record numbers.  Over 500 deaths in a year!  Clearly, this liberal policy is causing immigrants to die in record numbers.   Conservatives want as many agents as it takes to save lives and to discourage others from putting their lives at risk by making the journey in the first place.   Below is a photo provided by my former Border Agent friend of a severely dehydrated man they rescued who was hours away from death.

Currently, the liberal politicians solution is to keep offering more free services which have the consequence of attracting more takers which overwhelm social services even more.  As stated before, around 2017, Multnomah County once put out a public promise to provide shelter for anyone who needed it — and very quickly their shelters were over-run with takers causing massive over-crowing. Nearly a third of the people were from outside the County. The County was putting people into hotels costing taxpayers $3,318 a month. The County had to rescind their promise.

Now Governor Kotek wants to offer free 1-year rent promise to illegal migrants coming into Oregon with HB 4159.

HB 4159 is under an alert for the threat of possibly being rushed during the final few days of the Legislative Session which ends on Sunday March 10th at midnight.

If just a few hundred people could respond to this article and make either an email or phone call to their lawmaker it will raise enough noise and opposition to stop this reckless, spendy and unhelpful hand-out.   It is a terrible ruse to lure people to Oregon with free rent and then leave them out on the street in one of the most unaffordable housing areas in America.  If young Oregon families in their 20s and 30s can’t afford homes right now, how will migrants afford it?



As said, I support my local refugees and support them around the world in my charity trips to some of the most desperate places on earth.  It is uncompassionate to lure them with eye-popping short-term financial promises into a giant mess that neither they nor taxpayers can handle.

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