Lars: Washington lawmakers ignore voters petition

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Lawmakers, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, usually do the right thing, but only after they’ve tried everything else.

Washington democrats finally agreed yesterday to follow the will of citizens, at least halfway.

800-thousand citizens put their signatures on some or all of 6 “initiatives to the legislature” on major issues that directly affect parents, kids, police, criminals and taxes.

The Constitution requires the legislature to consider any such petition.

Democrats only agreed to vote on half.

Then they fought against the people’s wishes like that third monkey trying to get on Noah’s ark.

In the end, democrats caved to common sense for a change…approving a parents bill of rights, a ban on any new income tax, and to stop hamstringing police pursuits.

But they refused to vote on citizen initiatives that put cash in the government’s pocket.

Repealing the state capital gains tax, scrapping Jay Inslee’s crazy carbon tax, and giving workers an opt out from the fraudulent long-term care tax.

Those go on the ballot in November and citizens can slap lawmakers upside the head, again, with their votes.

Maybe, someday, Democrats will learn to ask for “the consent of the governed”.