Both Hoyle, Salinas vote NO … on anti-crime Laken Riley Act

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed an anti-crime bill called the Laken Riley Act but it was against the wishes and votes of Oregon Congresswoman Andrea Salinas and Oregon Congresswoman Val Hoyle who voted no.

The Laken Riley Act bill requires illegal migrants arrested for crimes related to theft to be held by federal immigration authorities. The Laken Riley Act is named after Laken Riley, the Georgia nursing student who is believed to be murdered by Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal migrant who has had encounters with police several times before his arrest for murder.  This should have been an easy and helpful vote for Congresswoman Salinas and Val Hoyle.   Instead both Congresswoman Salinas and Hoyle voted against the bill.

The bill passed the House by a 251-170 vote margin and with bipartisanship. The vote included 37 Democrat votes, but not among them were Congresswoman Val Hoyle and Congresswoman Andrea Salinas.

The Laken Riley Act vote was held right before President Biden’s State of the Union.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon checked both Congresswoman Andrea Salinas and Oregon Congresswoman Val Hoyle Congressional websites to see if either Salinas or Hoyle issued a press release explaining their votes and there was nothing to be found.   The vote seems to send a message that many members of Congress, including Andrea Salinas and Val Hoyle, remain clueless on the crime wave impacting our nation.

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