Video ad campaign targets 4 (2 from Oregon) over dismissing migrant crime

New video advertising campaign targets 4 members of Congress (2 memebers from Oregon) over dismissing migrant crime vote regarding Laken Riley Act opposition.
By Oregon Campaign Watch,

The National Republican Congressional Committee has put out a large paid video advertising campaign highlighting the votes against the Laken Riley Act which protects citizens from those illegal migrants who have committed crimes. The Congressional districts that are targeted in the NRCC’s digital ad campaign are Andrea Salinas (OR-06), Val Hoyle (OR-04), Gabe Vasquez (NM-02) and Pat Ryan (NY-18). Here is the NRCC’s video website and also featured below:

The video Ad script reads, “Previously arrested. Protected by sanctuary policies. This illegal migrant “disfigured” a college student’s skull in a brutal murder. Joe Biden’s open-border caused this. Even worse? Extreme House Democrats refused to protect victims. Tell Andrea Salinas/Val Hoyle to end her dangerous open-border policies. American lives are at stake. “

You can also see other articles mentioning Oregon Congresswomen Andre Salinas and Oregon Congresswoman Val Hoyle on their anti-Laken Riley Act votes below.

The Monique DeSpain campaign (top candidate challenging Val Hoyle) wrote “DeSpain slams Val Hoyle for vote against holding criminal illegal immigrants accountable

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon wrote “Both Hoyle, Salinas vote NO … on anti-crime Laken Riley Act

Here is the official text and info on Laken Riley Act from the U.S. House of Representatives.

For more developments and campaign news on Oregon Congresswoman Val Hoyle and Oregon Congresswomen Andre Salinas, please continue to follow Oregon CampaigN Watch and their updates seen here on Oregon Catalyst.