City employee: $75K for emotional harm after audit

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Willamette Week reports, “A high-ranking city employee who was the subject of a city auditor’s investigation last year intends to seek $75,000 from the city in emotional and reputational damages…The auditor’s report, released in June of 2023, found that Krueger had for two years driven a city-owned vehicle for personal use and moonlighted as a volleyball coach during work hours…The ethics commission voted unanimously to launch a full investigation of Krueger following a staff report that found he had used the vehicle without proper approval and “avoided having to pay for fuel, parking, maintenance and possibly additional car insurance.” …“used his official position for financial gain” while coaching during work hours and failed to report a potential conflict of interest to his boss.”

Krueger defends himself in his claim saying he broke no rules and he was not allowed to properly defend himself in the audit.  There is more to read in the Willamette Week story.

Remember, Portland previously paid their human resources director $195,000 and transportation chief Dean Marriot $199,000 to step down.  The Portland housing Bureau paid $90,000 to get their top employee to step down.  Portland is used to paying government employees big payouts when problems arise.

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