Rumor: Student walk-out to support Hamas

(photo: Portland vandalism following attack on Israel)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We hear from concerned parents that Portland public school students are planning a surprise walk-out today to protest Israel and support a ceasefire (surrender) as Israel is closing in on the remaining terrorists who are holding up to 100 hundred hostages.  Right now, Israel is been attacked by rockets and invaders from four different sides (from Gaza by Hamas, from Lebanon by Hezbollah, from Yemen by Houthis, from inside Israel by terrorists) and American Leftists want Israel to walk away and continue to be victimized.

Here is an Oregon anti0Israel protest update:

• Reed College students walked out last month.

• The University of Oregon held a walk-out and die-in last month.

• Last week protesters blocked traffic.

• Last month, protesters vandalized a music hall because it was hosting a pro-Israel musician.

• Last month, protesters blocked traffic to the Portland airport.

• In January protesters attacked a Portland comedy venue for hosting a pro-Israel speaker.

We will see what will become of the rumored protest today.

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