2 Oregon planes (Boeing) fails. Panel falls. Window crack.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

It has made international news that another airplane on an Oregon route was found to have had a lost panel/door problem. This was flight 443 from San Fransisco to Medford, Oregon. Upon landing, crews noticed that the plane fuselage panel was missing.  Another Oregon plane landing in Portland (Boeing 737) arrived with a cracked windshield.

This adds to the existing stories of the Oregon plane (Boeing) that lost a panel mid-flight in January and another Oregon flight (Boeing) where the cargo door was found ajar this month.

That makes three Oregon routed planes (Boeing) this year with falling or opening panels.  This does not include the Oregon flight that was rerouted after fumes were noticed by the passengers.  That also happened this month.

We hope and pray that this gets the highest attention and resolution before it happens again.

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