Reince Priebus succeeds Michael Steele as RNC Chairman

by Bob Tiernan, ORP Chairman

The Oregon Republican Party congratulates Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus on his election as Republican National Committee Chairman!

Reince brings much experience and commitment to the position of RNC Chairman. Our party is a growing force in national politics; Reince will provide the energy and focus we need to be successful in upcoming election cycle.

We appreciate the hard work and commitment of outgoing RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. He has led the Party through the successes of the 2010 election cycle and helped build a strong foundation for the future.

Being Chairman of our National Party organization during a Presidential election is both a great honor and a huge responsibility. We wish Reince, his wife, and their family all the best for a happy and successful term as RNC Chairman.

background on Reince Priebus from AP article: Reince was a College Republican and his first date with his future wife was at a Lincoln Day dinner; he was elected Wisconsin state GOP chairman in 2007, after first serving as the chair of the Kenosha County GOP.