State issues ration healthcare plan. Who gets help, who doesn’t

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Health Care Authority has issued a crisis care protocol which offers state guidelines on how to ration care in the event of a crisis of hospitalization capacity.  It offers a model on how to prioritize health services if there is not enough to go around.   As Oregon broke case records this week, and dire predictions of 3,000 Omicron hospitalizations (which has been scaled down) and expected surges ahead, some state officials are pressing for such a model to ration care as a worst case scenario. Even though Omicron is significantly less severe and deadly, it spreads faster and is sending people into care nonetheless.

Idaho has announced that are already beginning to ration health care.

The Bend Bulletin notes on the role of the unvaccinated in the ration health care debate, “The unvaccinated who fall severely ill will require high levels of care that will make it more difficult for already overstretched and exhausted medical personnel to care for people with heart attacks, strokes and injuries from vehicle accidents.”

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