Media turning on Kotek, demand answers

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Oregonian Sunday Editorial was very frank, direct and critical when they stated,

“… Oregonians, who voted for Kotek to cut through the drama, not create her own. Already, the complications have begun. … It also gives critics reason to worry that Kotek will side with her wife on matters of office dynamics or public policy rather than with her own top-level staffers. Kotek’s handling of the dispute is a disappointing unforced error… But if Kotek wants to create an Office of the First Spouse, she has gone about it in backwards fashion. She should have – but did not – seek a formal opinion from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission about how to involve her wife in her office. The sensitivity of such an arrangement calls for acting with outside guidance from the start. She should have – but did not – task people in her office with developing the boundaries and appropriate role for a spouse before inviting Kotek Wilson to participate in meetings and giving her office space. And she should have – but apparently did not – make sure that a growing role for her wife would not conflict with the veteran experts she hired to lead her office.” Read more here.


OPB also has been probing as they reported,

“The message from the Governor was that everything is just fine, but that doesn’t appear to be the case … We have not heard from any of the three women about why they are leaving and Kotek’s office hasn’t said much and neither her or her wife have agreed to an interview … this is not a run of the mill staff turnover.”


Top Capitol veteran journalist Dick Hughes wrote in the Capital Insider,

“There is deep irony in the political and ethical contretemps surrounding Aimee Kotek Wilson and her wife, Gov. Tina Kotek… Friday’s press release seemed “damning with faint praise.” … Kotek Wilson was gaining additional staff help. She has had the services of scheduler Yasmin Solorio, who makes $6,693 a month. About 80% of Solorio’s work time is devoted to the first lady. On Monday, Meliah Masiba joined the Governor’s Office on six-month basis to work with Kotek Wilson … Masiba, who is rotating over from the Department of Administrative Services, earns $11,984 a month.” (read more)

The popular Jack Bog’s Blog put up a headline “Take my wife or else” and editorialized by saying,


“There could be some entertainment value here, but to me the whole thing is pretty painful to look at.”


We will keep you posted.

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