4 top liberal politicians have nightmare week

Bad week for Senator Jeff Merkley, Governor Tina Kotek, District Attorney Mike Schmidt and Congresswoman Val Hoyle
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


In just one week we had four very bad stories on four top liberal elected officials.

#1. Multnomah County District Attorney got caught not coming into work.  DA Mike Schmidt’s name badge data of when he checked into work was 60% compared to the Deputy DA who is running against him who had 90%.  They checked the Washington DA and Clackamas DA name badge who had 80% and 91% check-in time to work.  Read more.   Here is Oregonian’s headline on District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s very bad day.


#2. Congresswoman Val Hoyle has new documents tying her to pot scandal. National news Daily Beast has uncovered new documents showing her involvement with a tainted $500,000 donation from a major (and troubled) pot business.  This is part of an expanding federal investigation into ethics problems involving Congresswoman Val Hoyle.  Read more on Val Hoyle pot scandal here.   Below is the Daily Beast headline for the Congresswoman Val Hoyle article.


#3. Oregon Governor Tina Kotek could not answer media questions over First Spouse scandal.  We documented 7 times Kotek could not answer questions from the media in a single press conference.


#4. Jeff Merkely takes heat for using Easter to condemn Israel.  Jeff Merkley used Easter in his Tweet to attack Israel and falsely blame them for bombing indiscriminately.   Just a simple Google search on Merkley’s Easter message reveals that the response has been widespread condemnation.  See below:

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