Kotek’s bungled press conference, couldn’t answer key questions

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon Governor Tina Kotek held a press conference over a bill signing, but could not answer or would not answer many questions over her First Spouse Office wife scandal that has made national news lately.

We chronicle the declined questions from the media:


The Oregonian notes,

“Kotek also declined to explain why she ordered the Oregon State Police last month to increase security protection for her wife”

“Kotek said Wednesday the position would be unpaid but didn’t explain why she believes it’s important for her to elevate her wife’s role”

“Kotek, who generally takes questions head-on, didn’t explain how she plans to continue moving forward her agenda with three of four executive team members gone”

Willamette Week reports,

“Kotek declined to discuss the staff departures”

Oregon Capitol Chronicle notes,

“Kotek declined to comment on the resignations or confirm if they are linked to concerns about the role of her wife.”

“Kotek declined to say what her spouse’s involvement in policy will be.”

“Asked why she didn’t question the ethics commission sooner, Kotek said her office wasn’t sure what questions they needed to ask”


Governor Tina Kotek’s bungled press conference follows her bungled 3 top staff resignations and her bungled announcement of her secret First Spouse office.  This is not good news.

Kudos to The Oregonian, Willamette Week and Oregon Capital Chronicle for asking these key questions.

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