New Senate Republican Leader shares his thoughts, vision

By Oregon Senate Republican Leader Daniel Bonham,

I recently received the honor of being unanimously elected by my Senate Republican colleagues to become the Minority leader.

I came to Salem a small business owner, a parent, a concerned resident – seeking to restore balance and make our legislature work for the people who elected them to improve our state.

This year, I have discussed with you many concepts for a better Oregon. I have called on the state to ACT through Accountability, Creating solutions and Tackling issues that will make our residents’ lives better. I have also discussed with you the concept of each state being a laboratory of what works and what doesn’t.

As leader, I plan to continue these discussions intellectually, analytically and authentically. We need to continue to be honest about what is happening, what is working and why we are doing what we are doing. I truly believe our state and country is at a crossroads and there is a very clear distinction between the working class and the ruling class that needs to end.

Oregon has held a one-party rule for decades. One party alone has had uninterrupted power to do whatever they want. One would hope that would be solving problems. And yet, our state and states in similar political structures are plagued with high poverty, homelessness, crime and a decreasing quality of life.

These realities need to be identified and discussed every step of the way. The beauty of it all, is the facts and the data will speak for themselves.