People become homeless waiting months for jobless benefits

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

KATU/KPTV reports, “Another Oregonian has become homeless waiting for benefits from the Oregon Employment Department.Jason Pence is the fourth person in two weeks that KATU has spoken to who is facing eviction or already evicted from their home while waiting for those benefits…KATU has been flooded with calls and emails from applicants complaining about long wait times and a lack of communication from the state agency.”

This is bad.

It all started with the fact that Oregon’s unemployment system was using decades old software.

The agency was given tens of millions to fix it — they never did.

Then came Covid.  The requests overwhelmed the system and crashed it, causing a quarter million people to be stranded.

Then they put in the new system.

Now it is facing unacceptable delays causing people to become homeless.

Read the story to realize it is happening to real people.