Cartoon explains Oregon high tax insanity-loop

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland business suffered 10 new tax increases since 2018.

Businesses fled.

Portland then began this year offering $250,000 tax credits for business to locate in Portland.

That’s right!  Portland taxed some businesses out of town while paying others to come back.

Oregon has passed some of the nation’s most harsh and restrictive environmental laws.  These laws primarily punish businesses that actually make things — like manufacturing.   So when it comes to manufacturing growth, Oregon has been declining while the rest of America has been increasing.  China manufacturing is up 10%.

Now Oregon is awarding millions in taxpayer funded manufacturing grants to lure manufacturers to come back.

To put it simple: Politicians raises taxes to fix problems created by high taxes.

Once Oregonians realize how their tax dollars are being wasted like this — they tend to vote against future taxes.  If only people would share this cartoon more.

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