Cartoon: Biden-Kotek punish you for success

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

President Biden’s 2023 budget called for raising the top marginal income tax rate from 37% to 39.6%. Combined with Oregon’s 9.9% top rate, that is almost half of one’s income.

Once Oregonians become that successful, local liberal groups will call them greedy, protest outside their businesses and demand they pay more taxes or give all their wealth away to charity to atone for their sins.

Don’t forget, Biden blamed high meat prices on ranchers and not inflation.  Biden blamed high gas prices on greedy oil companies and not inflation, nor the war in Ukraine.   Earlier this year, Biden blamed shrinking product portions on greedy companies and not inflation and people’s shrinking purchasing power.  Last year, Biden blamed high store prices on cargo companies and not on inflation.


Because of Kotek and her liberal allies …


… Oregon is becoming a place where success is demonized and capitalism is vilified.


A Portland environmental student rally shows one student with a sign saying that CAPITALISM KILLS PEOPLE.



The Taxpayers Association of Oregon documented a 1,000 person Portland rally for socialism where they chanted “Take back the wealth!”


Portland has been tagged by radical Leftists with anti-Capitalism graffiti.



And messages to KILL THE RICH.


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(Sources: CNBC 2/9/23, 9.9% applies to those over $250,000)