Lars Larson: Both school and police failed these victims

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Think of me what you will, but when I hear about murder suicide cases, I always wish the perp had started with the suicide part, first.

Elias Huizar (WE-zar) only succumbed to his own cowardice after visiting so much horrific violence on innocent people around him.

Schools and police failed all his victims.

Huizar gunned down his ex-wife, outside Wiley Elementary school in West Richland, Washington…shooting her 8 times right in front of their 9 year old son.

He also murdered the 17 year-old girl he began molesting years ago.

Huizar was supposed to go on trial, Monday, for raping the girl’s younger friend after plying both of them with alcohol during a “sleep over”?

Now, the hard questions I hope get asked.

This child molesting, rapist and now killer worked as a substitute teacher till February of this year in Richland.

What the Hell?

He met the teenager that he murdered Monday while working as a school cop 6 years ago when she was only 11. She reported it to the school.

Nothing happened. Two years ago he got her pregnant.

But the schools gave him a job as a substitute teacher till 2 months ago?

Huizar’s dead and at this point, that’s a good thing.

But we should demand every question this raises live on till we find out why schools and police and prosecutors didn’t stop this monster long ago.