Potholes so big … they injure people

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Potholes are a sign that your government is not working.

One woman is suing the city of Portland, Multnomah County and the state of Oregon over damages she experienced after her car hit a terrible, large-size pothole. The case states that she suffered “numerous physical injuries, including a concussion, traumatic brian injury, tinnitus, torn rotator cuff, and numerous cuts, scrapes, and bruises…”

Pot holes are so big, that Willamette Week held a competition on which one is the biggest.

This comes as Portland is renewing their 10-cent gas tax on the ballot.

What is the purpose of having one of the nation’s highest state gas tax (#13th highest) followed by a very expensive 10-cent city gas tax, if you cannot find $300 to repair a pothole?  Based on what taxpayers are paying, Portland should have among the FEWEST pot holes.

Our transportation dollars are being diverted from potholes and new roads and instead being spent on non-car expenses like bike paths, public art projects, handing out gift cards to pay people to not drive and even spending city tax dollars removing perfectly existing roads to make way for non-car uses.

In Oregon, we have liberal student protestors who rally against roads.


As a result we have very bad roads.

Here is a meme that best reflects Oregon.


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