Baseball on ballot. 2nd town wants tax bailout

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A few weeks ago, Hillsboro Hops baseball team secured a total of $40 million in various taxpayer benefits and grants.

The next City begging for more FREE taxpayer cash is Eugene,

Eugene voters face Measure 20-358 on the ballot which will help authorize funding for a stadium.

It is not the proper role to use our limited and vital tax dollars
to subsidize the party/leisure lifestyle
of just 0.6% of people who attend games.

The Eugene Emeralds only averages just over 2,000 people per-game. Spending nearly $100 million in total costs to appease 2,000+ people is quite the ask.

The Eugene Emeralds are among the bottom 20% for attendance. If fans don’t bother to show up and support their team, why should taxpayers pay the bill?

A stadium supporter and Eugene Councilor told KEZI, “Yes, we have bigger problems like homelessness and other things, but … we need to make sure we have things to reward the people that live here everyday …” (3). It is not the role of government to “reward” people by taking taxes from 99% of people and giving to the private benefit of 0.6%. Taxpayers can reward ourselves … if we had more of tax dollars back.

In my short lifetime I’ve seen Portland burn through two different baseball teams, two arena football teams and a minor league football team. Who knows how much tax dollars were wasted on those risky ventures.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges Vote NO on 20-358

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