Bend homes face $730 tax hike (Measure 9-167)

Bend’s property tax Measure 9-167 risks throwing many seniors out of their homes
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Bend and La Pine school District homeowners are facing a massive property tax increase with Measure 9-167 on the May Primary ballot.

• Homeowners can’t afford it! Many new Bend homeowners will pay $230 to $730 in higher property taxes to fund $112 million in new increased spending. (2024 Deschutes Voter Pamphlet estimate)

• These higher taxes fund 8% fewer students. Bend-LaPine Schools saw 8.4% enrollment drop, which means property owners are paying $112 million in higher taxes to fund less students.   That doesn’t make sense.  (The Bend Bulletin 3/8/24)

•  We’re in the midst of Oregon’s first population decline in 40 years thanks to high home prices. Oregon saw more people leaving than arriving because people cannot afford to live here due to high housing costs and high property taxes.

“Oregon’s population dropped in 2022 for the first time in decades, according to new estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.The agency figures Oregon lost about 16,000 residents in the year leading up to July 1, 2022, representing about 0.4% of the state’s population. That puts Oregon at No. 6 among the fastest-shrinking U.S. states, both in percentage and numeric declines… A shrinking population would endanger the state’s enviable economic growth over the past decade. ” — The Oregonian 9/14/23

Please vote NO on Measure 9-167

Don’t throw seniors out of their homes with a COSTLY PROPERTY TAX with Measure 9-167!   Already seniors on a limited income are paying double digit increases in electricity prices, high inflation prices at the grocery store and the nation’s fifth highest gas prices.   Being on limited income traps seniors and the disabled in this price trap.  Now they must face higher property taxes $200, $500, $700 and more.

When you factor in Measure 9-167 it all adds up to a huge expense!

Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges a NO on 9-167

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