Cute polar bear lies about not raising your taxes (Zoo bond #26-244)

Portland Metro zoo bond Measure #26-244 tells some whoppers
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Don’t let the cute TV ad featuring the wonderful polar bear fool you.

Supporters of the Portland Metro zoo bond Measure #26-244 are telling everyone in their latest TV ad that your taxes will not go up if you vote for Measure 26-244.

Then how does the measure raise $380 million dollars???

This is an old tactic that pro-tax lobby sues.  They use a renewal or partial renewal of an existing tax to sell to people the idea that their taxes will not go up if they vote for it.

What they fail to say is that your taxes will go down if you vote no or nothing happens and if you vote yes your taxes will go up.

In fact, if you calculate the rise in tax assessment value of your home, many will be paying more taxes than they did when the property tax bond started 10 years ago.  So even saying it will be the same is not entirely truthful.

There are 60 local tax measures on the ballot.

Watch out for when they say a ballot measure won’t raise your taxes when it does.

Metro zoo bond #26-244 clearly does.

Vote No on Portland Metro zoo bond Measure #26-244.

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