Biden: Still Trying to Have It Both Ways

Biden: Still Trying to Have It Both Ways

The one thing that politicians dread is the thought that they will be successful – particularly as it relates to foreign relations – and then have to be responsible for the consequences. It is for that reason that they try to make omnibus demands knowing full well that while there may only be a minority of disagreement with any one element that there is likely to be a majority disagreement if all of the elements requiring ascent are included. More importantly they can claim support for all sides of an issue without really supporting any of them.

The most recent example is the military aid requests for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Because there was minority opposition to each part by different factions – particularly in the State Department under Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – President Joe Biden insisted that all of the military aid packages be incorporated under one bill. His stated rationale was that everyone would have to sacrifice their opposition to one part in order to see passage of the other parts. In reality Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken were yielding to the antisemitic Elis and the surrender monkeys of the State Department and the far left progressives who would otherwise support Mr. Biden’s re-election. Mr. Biden’s plan to do nothing was working until Speaker of the House Michael Johnson decided to separate the military aid requests from each other and let each stand on it own. Voila, the minority opposition to each military aid request failed to stall the aid any longer and Mr. Biden was forced to approve each – fund aid to Ukraine and thus upset the surrender monkeys, and fund aid to Israel and outrage the anti-Semites in the State Department and the left wing progressives.

It has been clear since the beginning of the war in Ukraine that Mr. Biden embraced the fear, engendered by the surrender monkeys in the State Department, that opposing Russia would lead to a nuclear exchange. He had to be drug kicking and screaming to each new request for military aid from Ukraine. In each and every time, the needed aid came too late to provide victory but soon enough to avoid a loss by Ukraine. Not enough to win, only enough to avoid losing. Mr. Biden is responding to the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century – Mr. Blinken – and not the actual need of an ally. Appeasement always sucks. And as the war drags on, the fact that Mr. Biden provided no accountability in the use of that aid caused Congress to grow more restive about how long the aid would be required, how much aid would be required, and who is accountable for its spending. Having it both ways – supporting Ukraine while appeasing the criminals running Russia – inevitably led to the current state of the conflict.

The war in Gaza is the same. Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken professed undying military support for Israel with assurances that the conduct of the war would be up to Israel. The moment the microphones were turned off and the cameras shut down, Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken began the sustained demand that Israel fight the war standing on one leg with an arm tied behind its back. How do you avoid civilian structural damage and civilian injury and death in a duel with savages who purposefully hold their own people hostage as human shields? Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken justified their interference by bowing again to the surrender monkeys of the State Department who warned that a decisive win by Israel may trigger a regional war with Iran – as if that we something to actually fear. In reality it was just an excuse to have it both ways. And again appeasement sucks. The only thing that has happened as a result of the appeasement is to give license to yhe anti-Semitic movement on our elitist college campuses. How difficult is it to recognize that moral clarity demands the wholesale support of Israel and the daily, undying condemnation of Hamas savages who would sacrifice their own Muslim people because they hate Jews? Iran is the new Nazi regime and Hamas and Hezbollah are the lightening bolts of its Schutsstaffel (SS). We need not fear an expanded conflict with Iran. The inept missile barrage by Iran against Israel is evidence of a kitten punching up to be a lion.

But Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken, having failed at limiting Israel’s defensive battle and fearing victory by Israel, have launched a new strategy designed to freeze the Middle East with an initiative that is bound to fail. Mr. Biden is proposing that the cessation of hostilities in Gaza be part of a global deal that will include strong ties with Saudi Arabia, a normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia* and the use of Arab peacekeepers to police Gaza in the aftermath of the current conflict. Quite frankly that is a laudable and reachable goal – but not by this administration.

Not by this administration because of two problems. Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken have proven themselves to be straws in the wind bending to all, supporting none. They are unreliable at best and duplicitous at worst. Secondly, Mr. Biden began his presidency by purposefully alienating the two most important leaders to achieving this goal – Saudi Arabia’s leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who Mr. Biden went out of his way to publicly label as an international “pariah” and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who Mr. Biden has stiff-armed primarily because he is a conservative.** But that division is precisely what Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken are looking for – a reason for not accomplishing a high minded initiative. A reason for delay. A reason for having it both ways. But in the end it is only a way for demonstrating, once again, their lack of leadership.

The campus unrest spreading across the nation is the direct result of trying to have it both ways. Mr. Biden should be ashamed because he witnessed the exact same thing in the 70’s in the Viet Nam war protests. He watched as then President Lyndon Johnson and succeeding presidents limited the offensive capabilities of the our armed forces to ensure that we could not win nor lose. Equivocation always results in failure. You may not like former President Donald Trump but you knew where he stood. For that reason alone I will vote for Mr. Trump although I do not support him or his big mouth.


*One should remember that former President Donald Trump was well on his way to achieving this through the shuttle diplomacy by his son-in-law Jared Kushner. That progress was shattered by Mr. Biden’s declaration of Mr. bin Salman as an international pariah.

** Not only is Mr. Netanyahu a conservative he has a warm relationship with Mr. Trump which in and of itself is sufficient reason for Mr. Biden to limit Mr. Netanyahu’s opportunities for success.