METRO has $1B surplus, asks for $300M for zoo (No on 26-244)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

METRO sits on $1 billion surplus

Portland sits on $170 million surplus

Yet, they both want $380 million more from you with measure 26-244!

The Multnomah-Clackamas-Washington County ballot measure 26-244 is asking voters for $380 million in higher taxes for zoo projects.

Metro, which runs the Zoo, has an estimated $1 billion surplus from their recent tax as explained by OPB; “Portland metro area’s homeless tax could bring in nearly $1 billion in unexpected revenue by 2029” — OPB 10/26/23

Portland has an estimated $170 million surplus from their recent energy tax as explained by The Oregonian; “The fund’s authors estimated it would raise about $30 million a year … Since then, the revenue has grown exponentially every year…The tax is now expected to raise more than $200 million annually.” Oregonian 2/29/24

There you go.

Metro has a $1 billion surplus.

Portland has a $170 million surplus.

If both Metro and Portland are swimming in nearly $1.2 billion surplus, why are they asking voters to approve a $380 million property tax increase to fund Zoo construction projects with measure 26-244?

Metro regional government can afford to be wasteful because there are effectively only two similar regional Metro governments in the entire United States.

Thousands of cities are able to fund their local area Zoos without a third layer government Metro government bureaucracy driving up the cost. Stop punishing taxpayers with tax hikes when politicians are sitting on surplus tax revenue.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges No on measure 26-244.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has protected you from higher taxes and government waste for 25 years.

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