23 law enforcement voices back Monique DeSpain (DC#4)

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Below is a press release from Monique DeSpain on her law enforcement endorsements that was also featured on KVAL News.

Monique DeSpain for Congress Announces Law Enforcement Endorsements in Race for OR-04 Monique is the only candidate in the race to receive law enforcement endorsements

Eugene, OR – Today, Republican candidate Monique DeSpain held a press conference to address the issue of public safety and announced key law enforcement endorsements in her race for Oregon’s Fourth Congressional District, making her the only candidate in the race to receive endorsements from law enforcement officials.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from retired and current law enforcement from every corner of our District, representing 478 years of service,” said Monique DeSpain.

“Public safety is the number one responsibility of our government. Today, too many career politicians have abandoned this sober responsibility in favor of radically transforming our criminal justice system to one where law enforcement is defunded, criminals are rewarded, and crime victims are left abused and forgotten. Citizens are seeing their neighborhoods overwhelmed by crime, homelessness, and drug trafficking,” added DeSpain. “Every day, we read headlines of record drug busts of enough fentanyl to kill millions right here in our 4th District. We hear of devastated families mourning personal loss. Their loss is one of the 100 thousand overdose deaths a year. We see homeless encampments consuming parks and neighborhoods right here in our district. And we hear reports that hundreds of known terrorists have entered our country”

“As a retired Air Force Colonel and lawyer, I know what fighting for our country and and our communities looks like. I’m running for Congress to reverse the policies damaging our communities and harming people, and to restore the livability we all deserve. I will be a Member of Congress who prioritizes public safety and fights crime, starting with a secure, controlled border. Our law enforcement and our communities in the 4th District need reinforcements in Washington, D.C.,” said DeSpain. “In Congress, I will ensure our law enforcement has the authority and resources they need to keep us safe.”

“Monique brings the passion, experience, and sensibility needed to solve complex challenges. I noticed that she asks the right questions, relentlessly pursues the answers, and brings a fresh perspective that is often sorely lacking in the halls of government,” said Representative Ed Diehl.

“Monique DeSpain is the kind of fighter for public safety, law enforcement, and crime victims that we need in Washington, D.C. With Monique serving the 4th District in Congress, we can turn the tide and restore the rule of law, bring back safe neighborhoods, and once again see crime victims protected as they deserve to be,” said Crime Victims United President Steve Doell.

The following is a list of Monique DeSpain’s public safety endorsements:

Doug Marteeny – Linn County District Attorney
John Kilcullen – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, not Retired
Mike Bedacht – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Detective, not Retired
Ron Ridings – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant, not Retired
Ben Sunderland – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Captain, Retired
David Walp – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, Retired
Larry Schrenk – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant, Retired
Byron Trapp – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff, Retired
Joni Mogstad – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant, Retired
Todd Farmer – Lane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, Retired
Jerry Smith – Springfield Police Dept. Chief of Police, Retired
Bill DeForest – Springfield Police Dept. Chief of Police, Retired
Bruce Cummings – Springfield Police Dept., Retired
Scott Thomas – Eugene Police Dept., Retired
Sam Kamkar – Eugene Police Dept. Captain and Oregon State Police, Retired
Bill Childers – Eugene Police Dept., Retired
Gary Olson – Eugene Police Dept. Detective, Retired
Mike Grover – Cottage Grove Police Dept., Retired
Ken Matlack – Morrow County Sheriff, Retired

In addition, Monique has received letters of support from:

Gabe Fabrizio – Coos County Sheriff
John Ward – Curry County Sheriff
Michelle Duncan – Linn County Sheriff

Monique DeSpain is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, mother of twin boys, and public policy advocate who resides in Eugene, Oregon. She is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District in a bid to unseat incumbent Congresswoman Val Hoyle in 2024 and bring about a safer, more prosperous Oregon. Her campaign website is www.MoniqueForCongress.com