Wu’s wacky behavior is offset by his accomplishments… oh wait, what accomplishments?

by Brendan Monaghan

Should Wu resign, the short-term quality of representation in Oregon’s first congressional district will not be affected. The district has, for all intents and purposes, been vacant since 1999 anyway.

What have you learned in the last two months, voters in Oregon’s first congressional district? When word got out that high-ranking staffers fled (some without job prospects), The Oregonian and other local media wondered aloud why seasoned political veterans would rather be unemployed than work for recently re-elected Congressman David Wu. After some post-election investigating – showing him losing his temper at a Democrat fundraiser, using his position to breach security at PDX and campaign at the airport gates, and (apparently) dressing in a tiger costume – the reason became clear.

Congressman David Wu was stark-raving mad.

The same David Wu who complained about faux Klingons in the White House on the House floor. “But unlike the real Klingons of Star Trek,” (REAL Klingons!) “these Klingons have never fought a battle of their own.” This is also the same David Wu who couldn’t answer KGW anchor Laurel Porter’s softball interview questions (her finishing Wu’s response to illegal immigration should have been especially embarrassing).

The same David Wu who said he was sorry for a sexual assault he committed while at Stanford, when the story broke in 2004. To be clear, no charges were filed, which basically makes Wu the Ben Roethlisberger of United States Congressmen. Also, the same David Wu who admitted to accepting oxycodone from a campaign donor last fall (no charges or investigation is pending, as Wu is not currently a conservative radio host).

But let’s put aside his personal issues, gaffes, and sort-of legal troubles for now. After all, members of Congress should ultimately be judged by what they actually do in Congress, and how they service and represent their constituents. Wu has represented the west side of the Portland metro area since 1999, and has assembled a considerable legislative body of work along the way. So, in the interests of fairness and equal time, let’s catalogue each of Congressman David Wu’s legislative accomplishments in his twelve years in the House of Representatives.



Right. Moving along . . .

As local media have admitted, even leading up to the 2010 elections, David Wu has never gained much influence or recognition from his fellow members. Ranked 340th out of 435 in congressional clout, routinely passed over by his own party for important committee assignments, and the only backbencher with ten-plus years experience referred to by his colleagues as “hey you . . .” His service in Congress has, in fact, been a great disservice to the people of his district, who must be represented by a member who does little more than take up space. Like Tom Hanks’ character in “Charlie Wilson’s War,” his greatest accomplishment in Congress is getting re-elected six times (at least Tom Hanks’ character eventually helped win the Cold War).

In light of this new information, however, ask yourself this very important question: does it change anything? How many of you living in Oregon’s first congressional district reading this today would have changed your vote if you knew in October or November what you know now? Sadly, this new information would not have changed the outcome of November’s election. Far from it, the 55% of voters in Oregon’s first congressional district knew what they were getting by filling in the oval for David Wu. It also doesn’t help that the district is rated by polling guru Charlie Cook as eight points more Democratic than the national average. Therefore, the only way Wu could have lost is if Democrat voters (already confused enough to vote for Wu) were somehow confused in to thinking the election was on Wednesday.

Should Wu resign, the short-term quality of representation in Oregon’s first congressional district will not be affected. The district has, for all intents and purposes, been vacant since 1999 anyway. You would also figure that, in the event of a special election, any Democrat (including those whose names rhyme with “Gilles Noldschmidt”) would be heavily favored to keep the district, as they have since the Watergate Wipeout of 1974. The old saying goes that every district has the congressman they deserve. Nowhere is that more true and more prominently on display than on Portland, Oregon’s left side.

Brendan is a graduate student at Portland State Universty, where he hosts the KPSU “Right Jab” radio program. Brendan is studying politcal science, and graduated from The Ohio State University in 2007, with a degree in political science.


Editor’s Note: Brendan’s editorial got picked up by Newsy.com, check it out!

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  • Wusupporter

    Please remember what I have said. We need a loon or two in the government to remind the rest of us what sanity is all about. This guy fits the need to a T. A giant big T-bone. He is the greatest for comic relief.
    Also, you should not be advocating that he do anything. This man has a disease and as such is protected by the various disability acts in place for just such a situation.
    He should carry on as best he can in these difficult times, while the rest of us simply laugh and continue to mock him.
    He is a stong and brave man for sticking to his guns, so to speak. I applaud his courage in the face of all the troubles he has and is dealing with.

    When one says that Wu should go,
    One is making false bravado.
    Cause Wu is right and we are wrong,
    So what if he’s a little ding dong?
    People are all crazy in their own little way,
    So please don’t call for this man pay.
    Sure, he has lied and misused his political station,
    But who would waste such a perfect situation?
    Certainly not Wu, the man of the hour,
    We love you sir – don’t be so dour.
    We will support you for as long as it takes,
    Regardless of your thousands of mistakes.
    We are the left – stong, brave and willing,
    To do what it takes so you can keep shilling.

    Wu, Wu, woe is Wu.
    He keeps me laughing – same as you.
    He’s so confused – knows not what to do,
    But he’s a little crazy – crazy like a fool.

  • Bob Clark

    Bredan’s got it right. Wu’s District deserves the representative they have elected, particularly because his misbehavior has been well advertised for quite a number of elections now.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Frankly I like Wu, and others here should as well. Do you think the first district is going to elect a reformer any time soon? Nope. The first district will continue to elect big government reactionaries for the foreseeable future. Therefore if you are opposed to that philosophy the best outcome you could hope for is a bottom shelf guy like Wu who goes to congress sits on his hands and collects a paycheck.

    • conservatively speaking

      “In truth we talk only to ourselves, but sometimes we talk loud enough that others may hear us. ~ Kahlil Gibran

      Rup, go back to your ruminations sans any type of Wu’s medications while recomposing your thoughts.

    • conservatively speaking

      “In truth we talk only to ourselves, but sometimes we talk loud enough that others may hear us. ~ Kahlil Gibran

      Rup, go back to your ruminations sans any type of Wu’s medications while recomposing your thoughts.

  • Brodhead

    Rob Cornilles whittled David Wu’s campaign coffer down from over $1.5 trillion to minus $60,000. In addition, as everyone should know, I have been attacking him via blogs for 4 years now.

    David Wu was simply out smarted. His campaign staff was out witted and did a lazy job in 2010. David Wu had $100,000 in “Other donations, while Rob Cornilles had .016 of “other” or $2500…….?????WTF

    Now this whole “tiggergate” affair is simply a fund raiser that sought to gain free national press.

    David Wu’s next move is to fill his campaign coffers with donations from his out-of -state donors! This is why he has dropped his father’s positions on mainland China, and sought the association with Hu Jintao! It seems that David Wu has abandoned Taiwan, his father’s dedication and history as “Chinese Nationalists veteran and hero”, and his own “staged” opposition to China human rights violations. In addition, David Wu has abandoned Oregon for out of state donors. Hence, the orchestrated and nationally televised media stunt….

    If David Wu cannot raise much over the next three months, it will signal that he has alienated his donor base! As we recall, David Wu gets 70% of his donations from either out of state or special interest. This number will probably increase to 90% out of state donors in the short term!

    Rob Cornilles recieved close to 100% local donations.

    Another area of concern for David Wu will be the quality of his donation reporting over the next quarter.

    If David Wu’s FEC report show’s a high level of untraceable donations right off the bat, this will suggest “hanky panky.”

    We all now know that this entire “Tiggergate” affair was a scam complete with Stephanopoulos casting political holy water on David Wu’s forehead while on “Good Morning America!”

    This Sino Greek tragedy will climax when David Wu screws up his FEC report, and “dances with the stars!”

  • The major flaw with two-party systems… Wu won’t face a real Democratic challenger, which means in the general election, it’s Wu vs. random Republican.

    For people who don’t like the Republican party’s platforms (or, more specifically, the people they put up in OR-1,) it’s a choice of “ineffectual” vs. “completely unwanted”.

    That’s just it right there. I’d rather have ineffectual than the other option.

    If I were given a real choice of someone else, I’d take it. To me, it *IS* about what they do in office. I would have voted for Packwood for another term, I had no problem with Clinton’s issues, and have no problem with Wu’s issues or Portland mayor Adams’ issues. I *DO* have a problem when the elected official doesn’t do anything, though.

  • Brodhead

    Here is how David Wu’s FEC report broke down in 2010 (Open secrets)

    Look at the bottom of this link!!!!


    • valley person

      What does it say about Oregon republicans that they keep losing to this guy?

  • Brodhead

    From the desk of

    Brodhead for Congress
    P.O. Box 2725
    Hillsboro, Oregon

    To: The Oregonian

    Within the United States Air force flying community, there is a saying:

    “You are either ready to fly, or you are not. You are either capable of completing the mission or you are not. Leave the extraneous at the kitchen door!”

    It is all to clear that David Wu is emotionally incapacitated, and lacks the will and the “Presence of mind” to focus and complete Oregon’s mission! The mission of creating jobs and prosperity for ourselves and our children’s futures.

    It seems that David Wu cares more about representing Taiwan and mainland China than Oregon!
    He is more dedicated to an expanded role in international relations than creating jobs here in Oregon. He is more dedicated to out-of-state and special interest donors than the people he is supposed to represent.

    For 346 years, my family has fought for this country, and “Only” this country. Our collective visions brought English-speaking rule to America. We fought tenaciously for George Washington through eight years of the American Revolution. We stormed the walls of Montezuma, and helped bring the Transcontinental railroad. We took bullets for emancipation, and have always put “America first” We have always had a vision for a stronger America, and we will never quit defending the intent of the “Founding Fathers!”

    Oregon faces many problems. At no time in our history have Oregonians faced so many troubling issues all at once. Collectively, we must honor our obligations to seniors, while not over burdening our children. We must reduce federal government while ensuring “Peace Through Strength.” We must reduce our military presence abroad while strengthening our borders here at home. We must save this wonderful experiment we call the “American Dream” for our children.

    Part of my vision for more jobs and a stronger Oregon, are retooling the Oregon Air National Guard with the F35 Joint Strike Fighter, and adding a KC-46 Air refueling Tanker Wing within CD1. Another aspect is capitalizing on new energy saving technologies, innovation, and harnessing biomass opportunities. Together, we can retake what is rightfully ours!

    I am not going to sit around and watch Oregon’s economy stagnate while David Wu’s medication kicks in. I therefore declare my candidacy for U.S. Congress Oregon Congressional District one, and have filed with the FEC.


    Stephan Brodhead

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