House #33. Not who’ll win … but who’ll survive?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In Oregon House Republican Primary District #33 you have candidate Dick Courter, age 85, running against Stan Baumhofer, age 95, for what is the battle for the ages.

Both have impressive resumes and list of accomplishments far exceeding the average everyday Oregonian.

These men are retired and are putting their time to full use by running for public office.   Their political party representation may be under 25%, but they wish to give a voice to their values.   This means their race helps broadcast their message to voters as well as increase voter turnout (which impacts all other races on the ballot — ballot measures, district attorney races, mayor, statewide, etc..).

As for Stan Baumhofer, he was recently a victim of a crime in the streets of Portland.   He didn’t let it get him down or vie for sympathy but rather used it as a teaching tool for others as well as a chance to publicly honor the Portland police who helped him.

My hats off to these gentlemen for running and making sure that voters have a choice in every important race.