Car mini-cams catch road rage (example)

(photo: Beaverton police)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Hi-tech cars, like Teslas, now are equipped with several minicams.

Beaverton Police report, “Beaverton, Oregon – Around 3:00 P.M. on May 17, 2024, Beaverton Police Department patrol officers responded to the report of a road rage incident … The reporting party, a young mother, was driving her children home from school when a male on a motorcycle began screaming and yelling at her. The male, later identified as 33-year-old Joseph Lee of Portland, accused the woman of cutting him off. The victim was driving a Tesla which was equipped with multiple on-vehicle cameras which captured the incident. Those cameras show Joseph Lee hitting and kicking the victim’s Tesla. At one point, Joseph Lee appears to pull a knife and reportedly tells the victim he is going to kill her.”

These hi-tech devices are important as Oregonians face increased crime.

Oregon is one of the highest car theft places in America.   There have been several high profile car-jacking stories as well.

This Portland road rage story made national news:

KPTV had this road rage story recently;

What citizens need is not only surveillance, they need the quick response of law enforcement as was done by Beaverton police.   In places like Portland, police are unable to properly respond to many traffic problems in a timely manner.